Legendary Rat Pack Comes Alive at Strathmore
The GeorgeTowner
By Gary Tischler

Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show

It’s tough to get a vibe going on a conference call. You can’t see anybody. It’s usually strictly business, and people are always interrupting or waiting to say something.

Talking with Sandy Hackett and his wife Lisa Dawn Miller, however, you definitely get a vibe of show-business allure and legend, not to mention talk and memories of Las Vegas and L.A. days and nights, the time of the Rat Pack in Vegas—maybe true stories and the sound of the easy slick slide of cards on green tables.

Hackett and Miller are all about songs and dancing. They come with a glittering show-biz pedigree. Hackett’s father was the late Buddy Hackett, one of the country’s premier comics and comedic actors who was connected by long-standing friendship and work with the Frank Sinatra-led legendary Rat Pack. Miller is the daughter of another legend, world-class Motown songwriter Ron Miller, master of hit and classic songs, who wrote hits for Stevie Wonder, among others.

All of this funnels in like cocktail ingredients as to why we’re having this three-corner, pool-shot conversation. "Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show," which is at the Music Center at Strathmore tomorrow night, Friday, Sept. 27, at 8 pm.