‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ at Strathmore
DC Metro Theatre Arts
By Francine Schwartz

Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show

Last night at the Strathmore the Rat Pack rose again. Sandy Hackett, the son of legendary comedian Buddy Hacket, played Joey Bishop, Tom Wallek was Dean Martin, Louie Velez, played Sammy Davis, Jr. and Danny Grewen was the Leader of the Pack-Frank Sinatra. All four were uncanny in resurrecting these four legendary Rat Pack members by recreating their voices and demeanors and wore attire that the Rat Pack wore when they performed in Las Vegas. These four talented artists evoked their powerful chemistry and risqué humor. This was a bromance that was fun to observe, interspersed with contemporaneous jokes – I don’t think they actually had Viagra yet - that elicited many laughs from the mostly ‘over 50 crowd’ who attended.

Lisa Dawn Miller, the daughter of the late songwriter Ron Miller and the wife of Sandy Hackett belted several of her father’s hits, including “For Once in My Life” and “I Should Have Said.” She is a capable singer, and has been producing and remaking many songs she found in her father’s archives, which had not been revealed in his lifetime.

These were men who relished their time away from their essential but irritating spouses and mother-in-laws, and who were free to drink up a storm and smoke without apology. One of Sammy Davis’ jokes invoked the experiment of testing his dog and his woman to see who loved him the most.  He proposed locking them both together in the trunk of a car, waiting 12 hours, and when releasing them, to observe who was most glad to see him.